Melanie Gallie

Melanie started dancing at age 3. Between the ages of 10 and 14 years, she tranferred to the Canadian National Ballet school to continue her training after which she joined the Toronto High School for Performing Arts.

After she left school, Melanie danced in the Toronta Reginal Ballet Company for sseveral years before decising to teach. She then worked for several dance schools including Datmouth Dance Academy and Dartmouth Nova Scotia as well as being the Ballet co-ordinator for the city of Dartmouth.

Melanie returned to England in 1991 and set up Willoughby School of Dance. Melanie had been teaching in Derby for over 20 years now, her strength being ballet technique

Over the years she has been a member of the Canadian Dance Teachers Association,
MIDAA (now Associate Board of Dance) and the UKDDF, all recognised dance
teachers associations. Most recently she has become an Associate member of the
IDTA, which is the syllabus that DanceBeats use in classes

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