The teaching assistants at DanceBeats are an important part of our staff. They help to take registers, collect money and forms, deliver warm ups to classes and are fantastic role models for our younger students. The students who become teaching assistants are invited to take their training further and begin teaching/coaching qualifications once they are old enough.


Teaching Assistants

Monday - Ellie Jones

Tuesday - Chloe Donahue, Clara Roworth, Ellen McCready and Abbie Jukka

Wednesday - Chloe Donahue and Ellie Jones

Thursday - Sacha Roworth

Friday - Bex Gaskin and Megan Whatley

Saturday - Bex Gaskin and Chloe Donahue

General - Alex Richardson

Class Helpers

Class helpers at DanceBeats lend a hand in our youngest classes. They  demonstrate exercises, tie students shoes and generally help staff to run the classes smoothly.


Class helpers

Monday classes - Luciana Fois, Kloe Woodroffe, Maddy Jones

Thursday classes - Annabel Morgan

Saturday classes - Abbie Jukka

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