Hair and Make-up for Shows

This year we have decided that everyone will have the same show hair, that way it is easier for those who have a lot of quick changes! Everyone needs to have their hair in a high bun*, at the crown of the head, with no fringe. Please use a bun net, pins and bobbles that are the same colour as your hair, you can normally get these in places like Boots/Superdrug and use plenty of hairspray to hold your hair in place! There are so many different ways to do a bun so you might want to try a few ways to find one that works best for you. Make sure all the hair is up and neat! Please also do your hair for the dress and tech rehearsals.


Base of foundation and bronzer/blusher to suit skin-tone.

Black mascara, eye-liner and eyeliner flicks.

Silvery/white eye shadow and pink lipstick

Seniors may wear false eyelashes if they wish.

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