At DanceBeats we take the safety and well-being of our students very seriously and our aims which apply across the different ages and styles we teach reflect this. They are a fundamental part of what we strive to achieve in our classes.


To help each student to DEVELOP in a variety of dance disciplines. The classes that we offer are diverse and allow a range of styles to be studied if students wish to.
A To always AIM HIGH by setting appropriate and achievable targets for students to progress through, without pushing them beyond their limits
N To NURTURE students interest in dance and provide them with a safe and fun environment to learn in
C To encourage individuals to build in CONFIDENCE
E To treat everyone as EQUAL, regardless of what social, economical or religious background they come from and to accommodate children with learning difficulties where possible.
B To bring out the BEST in each student and promote good behaviour in and out of our classes
E To create an atmosphere where children are comfortable and ENJOY learning with us
A To ensure every individual ACHIEVES and progresses, no matter how large or small that progression might be.
T To work as a TEAM. Students will learn to work co-operatively in classes and staff will ensure parents are kept informed through termly newsletters
S To put the SAFETY of our students first by enforcing relevant procedures and making sure our policies are up to date.


DB Child Protection Policy
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